Making Asset Protection a Priority

Warehouse manager

Protecting your organization's fleet, supplies or assembly materials is critical to business viability. Large and small operations with exposed assets are using drone technology for asset management, inventory and security.

Manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, lumber yards, nurseries, auto dealerships—any facility that has product or asset inventories to account and secure—benefit from drone surveillance and asset tracking. In addition to securing assets and assembly materials with standard security measures such as barriers to entry, video surveillance and 24/7 security guard monitoring, drones can do yard or lot fly overs to capture inventory data or evaluate damage from storms or other environmental impacts. This intelligence can be gathered by expert drone pilots and planners in a matter of minutes versus hours, days or weeks of evaluating using traditional methods.

Asset protection and property management drone applications include:

  • Track inventory in yards, lots or off-site open storage areas
  • Inspect security barrier integrity
  • Improve the safety of employees
  • Monitor exterior HVAC, electric, power or water supply, radar towers or other facilities maintenance
  • Evaluate damage from weather-related disaster or fire
  • Utilize footage for loss claims and for reduction of liability insurance
  • Track team and equipment performance
  • Monitor remote buildings or warehouses for integrity and security
  • Video photography of infrastructure and assets for marketing and performance reports
  • Asset location and storage planning improvement

Endless Applications for Asset Protection

To find out how you can customize a drone program to safeguard your business's assets, employees and assembly materials, call 866-FLY-UAVs (866-359-8287) for a complimentary consultation. You'll quickly realize the benefit of having professional FAA drone certification filing, drone pilot training and program development that suits your business needs, saves costs and reduces loss.