We'll complete your paperwork

Our team of FAA-certified instructors and professional pilots will guide you through the necessary FAA criteria as well as local and state compliance regulations or take the entire paperwork chore off your hands and complete the required documentation for you. Paperwork submitted without the specific exemptions correctly identified will disqualify your UAS program and prevent you from using your drones. The FAA has fined drone operators for flights conducted without proper authorization. 

Eliminate the risk of FAA scrutiny, fines and even negative attention from the public by assuring your certifications and legal documents are completed and filed accurately. Fly legal with our expertise.

Keeping Your Pilots Legal

Drone operators must have the following in order to pilot legally:

We also recommend that any drone operator or organization deploying a UAS program have purchased an appropriate liability insurance policy from a reputable company that specializes in aviation insurance, not homeowners insurance or other non-aviation general liability coverage.

Learn more about our FAA certification services and how to keep your pilots flying legally and safely by calling us toll-free at 866-FLY-UAVs (866-359-8287).