Monitor Project Progress From Above

Construction worker

From scoping prospective sites, planning builds, site surveys, mapping site plans to excavation, erosion control and eventual builds, construction projects are multi-stage planned events that require constant feedback of project status.

Aerial drone image capture allows construction companies, municipalities working on road and bridge infrastructure and other construction-related support businesses to evaluate project conditions and status. Drone footage allows architects, planners, construction project managers, general contractors and survey managers to:

  • Track project progress and better manage resources
  • Evaluate erosion and environmental impacts from inclement weather
  • Inventory and track equipment and construction materials
  • Collect daily site progress to report to managers and clients
  • Reduce downtime by more effectively scheduling workers, deliveries and inspections
  • Improve safety of workers and secure construction equipment and materials

Build a Better Data Stream

If you see the value of aerial drone imagery for your construction project—whether building a road or a skyscraper—call us toll-free at 866-FLY-UAVs (866-359-8287). We will help you select the best drone for your needs, help you file your FAA paperwork and train pilots or provide drone piloting services to you. Learn the safe and legal way to make drone programs work to help