Keeping our First Responders Safe and Informed


Police and fire departments have been one of the earliest adopters of drones. The information gathered by a controlled "eye in the sky" enables first responders to conduct themselves more safely and efficiently, and expedite control of scenes. The data from drone footage of scenes and responses is also used for training purposes to help teams utilize equipment and tactics more effectively.

In addition, data captured through drone cameras can also be used for insurance claims or mitigating risk, protecting first responders and municipalities from lawsuits. Fire departments, EMS and law enforcement are using drones for multiple purposes including:

  • First responder safety
  • Multiple team, equipment and resource coordination
  • Tactical scene planning
  • Overwatch surveillance and protection for law enforcement
  • Natural disaster tactical planning and recovery progress
  • Infrared detection of utility line damage
  • Lost child or elder search and rescue
  • Fire marshal incident investigation and training
  • Infrared detection of trapped victims in natural disasters or building fires

Be Better Prepared

Empower your fire, EMS and law enforcement teams to do their jobs more safely and effectively. We can help you design and deploy a drone program that enables your first responders to bring about resolutions more rapidly and safely. Call 866-FLY-UAVs (866-359-8287) to find out more about keeping your responders safe.