Keeping Industrial Facilities Safer

manufacturing line worker

Industrial sites run the gamut from power plants to manufacturing facilities to distribution centers. Industry in general is all about creating efficiencies and keeping safety job one. The introduction of drone technology is not new to industry, as many assembly lines and operations are often automated with robots and other advanced technology to improve consistency and output.

However, the onset of aerial drones and UAS programs provide a new avenue for industry to increase savings and efficiencies. Many sites have complex pipework, wiring, towers and structures that are difficult to inspect and maintain. Aerial drones with high definition cameras have the ability to hover, circle and change angles to capture video and still imagery that allows operators on the ground to quickly assess damage and inspect for wear and tear. They also reduce the amount of time to evaluate emergency operational situations where machinery or equipment malfunctions. This keeps workers safer and allows for more rapid detection of failing machinery.

Industrial operations also use drone technology to monitor assets for security and inventory, as well as support the safety of workers as they conduct high-risk tasks. Drones are also used to check on remote equipment, towers or power stations to ensure optimal function.

Making Industry More Aware of operations

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