Infrared Detection on Drones

infrared image of power plant

Drones are now being equipped with infrared cameras to detect heat signatures, indicating everything from gas leaks to search and rescue of missing persons. Infrared cameras have the ability to capture images with high contrast between areas of low and high temperature. Industry, agriculture and municipalities are just a few of the early adopters of deploying infrared cameras on their drones. This infrared technology allows them to:

  • Detect gas or water leaks in utility lines
  • Determine fire location for fire safety
  • Find lost persons faster in wooded areas or at night
  • Monitoring irrigation line integrity on golf courses
  • Improved and faster search and rescue in disasters
  • Evaluate crops for pest damage, predict harvest yield and irrigation schedules

Explore Infrared Technology

If you'd like to learn more about how to equip your drone with infrared technology and understand the applications of thermal image capture, call us toll-free at 866-FLY-UAVs (866-359-8287). We are happy to tell you about the new infrared cameras coming onto the market and which drones utilize this technology best.